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Jul 19, 2011 11:30am PDT
-- rupert murdoch was hit with a pie. >> he was interrupted with a plateful of shaving cream, earring it in his face. before an after the physical act, a verbal attack by the parliament that sometimes left them off balance. >> more than 2 hours into the testimony, rupert murdoch received a faceful of shaving cream compliments of a man that turned out to be johnny marble. previously he had been caught off guard by the comments from the committee. >> are you guilty of threats and was it your intention? i don't see why you are not taking it serious. >> you are not really saying that. >> rupert murdoch and his son saying they had little knowledge of day to day going on of news in of the world that hacked phone male of politicians and celebrities and a 13-year-old murder victim. >> but the younger murdoch said -- >> that testimony is going on right now but earlier london police chief paul stephenson who resigned over the scandal say there are ten members of the public affairs staff that has worked for news international. they shut down the website for murdoch, the times of london and redir
Jul 17, 2011 5:00pm PDT
warm >> rupert murdoch former chief is helping police with the investigation after being arrested. london police arrested rebecca brooks. she was questioned and released. hours after her arrest london's police chief paul stephenson resigned. he said it was necessary because of his links to a former news world editor that was arrested in the scanda will. brooks and stephenson deny wrongdoing . >> the there is a recommendation against using blood test to detect tuberculosis. the world health organization warn that the tests are dangerous because they are unreliable and produce wrong results. they are a waste of money and time and put proper care at risk. tuberculosis is an infectous lung disease that affects 14 million people world wide. >> a new rule is forcing airlines to refund baggage fees when a passenger's luggage is permanently lost. charles schumer wants the airline to pay back the fees when a bag is delayed or misrouted. senator schumer said if airlines don't voluntarily comply he will introduce a bill to force the issue. baggage fees range from $25 to $100. organizers of a
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2